Types of Power Company

The power companies are those organizations that are responsible for providing energy to the society and the people that are living in it pay some fee or bill for this convenience. These powers are made through natural resources usually and they are extracted from the ground so that people can live a better and luxurious life. The energy industry is the most common example of power industry. The energy industry includes all the forms of energy that are provided to the people and the processes that these companies go through in order to extract this energy is also involved in this. In the modern society, it is impossible for people to live without the convenience of electricity, gas and fuel and all these are provided through the power company that keeps track of all the natural resources in the world.

Types of Energy:

Solar Energy:

The solar energy is gained through the sunlight and the light it emits. The energy is collected and harvested through the sunlight and converted into any form that is required. Solar energy is the most reliable form of energy because it would never end and is free and found in a large amount.

Wind Energy:

Wind is also a natural form of energy. It is becoming more and more common to extract energy from wind. The wind energy is extracted mostly in areas where there is a high flow of wind and storms are frequent.

Geothermal Energy:

It is another form of energy that is found beneath the earth. There is a layer of rocks beneath the surface of the Earth that heat up and melt to produce steam that is converted into energy. This is a continuous process but the extraction of this energy is also a dangerous process.

Tidal Energy:

The tidal energy means the energy obtained by the pressure of the sea waves. As the sea is never ending and the waves are also never ending, it is a very reliable source of energy for people because it will never stop.

Hydrogen Energy:

Hydrogen is also available in water and since the amount of water on this Earth is in a very large quantity, it can be used to produce energy without any worries of it ending someday and being left with no other source to make energy through Power Company.